Thursday 13 January 2022

We are sad to hear of the passing of Vivienne Head.

Vivienne was a member of Cardiff AAC in the 70’s along with her sister Venessa. Vivienne was born in Merthyr where her athletic ability first was noticed at school. Her physical education teachers nurtured her talent which saw her represent her school and county in the Welsh school championships. Where she won the senior discus event in 1973 and 1974.

She was a great thrower who went on to compete for Cardiff, Wales British Army and Great Britain . She held the Welsh record in the discus. And won the Welsh Womens Discus title for three consecutive years. Vivienne was always had a positive attitude giving of her best. She was always there to help and guide younger throwers. In competitions she would put you at your ease with a joke, whilst being able to switch concentrating on her performance. She always projected a positive attitude and cared about how she affected others.

She left school and joined the Women’s Royal Army Corp where she became a Physical Training Instructor. In the Army she also competed for them in hockey and netball.
Upon completion of her military service Vivienne joined the Metropolitan Police Force subsequently transferring to Avon and Somerset Police Force.

Vivienne left the Police Force to follow a career in the building industry.
In the early 1990’s Vivienne became a proud mother to her daughter Rhianwen and Cerys.

Thirteen years ago Vivienne was diagnosis with cancer. Vivienne didn’t let this hold her back but lived life to the full. She faced her challenges with a positive attitude. But finally in December 2021 Vivienne lost her long battle against her illness. Vivienne touched a lot of people and enriched their lives. She will be remembered fondly and sorely missed by family and friends.

Our condolences go to her family and friends.


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